American Eagle launches new Boston store and brand activation in collaboration with Checkland Kindleysides

The opening of American Eagle’s Boston store marks a new era of empowerment that encourages suburban youth to embrace their creativity and individual style. To capture attention and raise brand awareness within Northshore Mall, the brand coincided the launch with an activation that drove traffic to the new retail location. Both the activation and store have been designed in collaboration with Creative Studio, Checkland Kindleysides.

As part of the #MakeMoves campaign, this experiential pop-up enables fans to engage with the brand in a commerce free space that reinforces their playful values. Visitors can create a message that embodies their individuality, shoot a selfie and get their hands on a personalised printed and digital poster that combines the two.

For the store concept, Checkland Kindleysides adapted the progressive design of the AE Studio concept store (launched in Union Square NYC in November 2017) to work for a mall environment that is a call to action to ‘be you’. The space takes iconic elements such as the Makers Station, Jeans Gallery and iPads for deeper product discovery, to bring the creativity of New York to the suburbs. It features empowering brand messages that support the #MakesMoves campaign, alongside a window campaign promoting individuality, with the slogan ‘This is what individuality looks like’.  The activation is continued instore with customisation activities.

The store opened on 26th July and the activation ran from 26th July – 29th July.

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