All packaged up: Delivering enhanced fulfilment experiences expected by omnichannel shoppers

Free deliveries continue to be key considerations in European omnichannel shoppers’ buying decisions, a new report from KPS, an agile transformation consultancy, reveals.

Original research in the ‘From First Look To Last Mile… And Back Again’ Report showed that over half (57%) of European consumers consider free fulfilment a key factor in their buying decision, directly impacting whether they choose to buy from a certain retailer or look for the same product elsewhere.

A third (35%) of shoppers say they aren’t prepared to pay for deliveries under any circumstance, while 27% percent tactically hold off ordering a product until they receive a free delivery offer or coupon before they make a purchase to avoid paying fulfilment fees.

Despite many retailers revisiting their Click-and-Collect strategies, with some – such as Tesco – implementing charges or, in the case of John Lewis, introducing minimum spend thresholds for consumers to qualify for free delivery on online orders into store, free fulfilment options are still a key requirement for shoppers.

Over a third (34%) say free Click-and-Collect is a key consideration when making a purchase, while a further third (27%) would abandon a purchase if free Click-and-Collect wasn’t available and 37% would order the same product from a competitor who did offer free fulfilment of online orders into store.

In a bid not to be charged for Click-and-Collect orders, a third (31%) of shoppers admit to ordering additional items into their online baskets in order to reach a minimum spend threshold to qualify for free delivery, with the intention of returning the additional items to get a refund as soon as they pick up their order in-store.

Frank Lochbaum, Managing Partner at KPS, commented: “Retailers have never known more about the customer journey; how they research purchases; how they move between online and offline channels; their preferred delivery methods and so on.  Yet, ironically, and in spite of all this information, it has never been harder for retail businesses to retain customers as their demands around certain elements of the buying journey, including fulfilment, shift.”

“The data driven nature of modern retail has meant many retail organisations have become obsessed with drilling down into the detail of consumer interactions, rather than looking at the bigger picture of their business ecosystem and the processes within it.  Rather than spending time and resources seeking incremental gains, retailers should focus their efforts on pursuing end-to-end agility to meet diverse shoppers’ needs.”

For further information on optimising the customer journey at each stage of the omnichannel shopper’s buying cycle, download the full report:

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