Adder Brings market-leading 4K IP KVM to InfoComm 2019

Multi award-winning new product ideal for pro-AV and Control Room environments

• Dual 4K, video, audio and USB over a single fiber connection
• Easy migration to 4K IP KVM without costly rip and replace
• Pixel-perfect, color accurate at 4K60
• Compatible with existing ADDERLinkTM INFINITY range

Adder Technology, a global specialist in connectivity and IP KVM, will showcase the multi-award winning ADDERLinkTM INFINITY 4000 Series (ALIF4000) at InfoComm 2019; as it continues to exceed its anticipated success following the launch earlier this year.

A unique dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber, the ALIF4000 has been designed to meet the 4K needs of systems integrators, professional AV and digital signage professionals. It reaches the market at a critical time when many industries have now accepted 4K as the industry standard. From the monitors used in medical imaging application to closed-circuit surveillance cameras, 4K resolution allows the high quality visualization of essential content.

Delivering pixel-perfect, color accurate video quality, audio and USB to single or dual 4K screens, without the need to rip and replace, AV professionals or control room operators now have flexibility to add 4K KVM as and when they need it. For public AV installations or mission critical operations where high resiliency is paramount, the ALIF4000 relies upon its dual 10Gb network ports to minimize redundancy and protect against network failure.

Tim Conway, VP Americas, Adder adds, “We’ve been delighted by the response to the ALIF4000 since its launch earlier this year and now we are really excited to bring the product to Infocomm. The introduction of the ALIF4000 into the ADDERLink INFINITY range means our customers can continue to reap the rewards of their existing network but now with the addition of 4K video support.”

Also at Infocomm from Adder will be the latest addition to the ADDERLink ipeps range of remote access solutions, the ADDERLink ipeps+ which brings enhanced remote access functionality to industries where security and video quality are business-critical.

In markets where computers are situated in restricted or difficult-to-access areas, such as industrial sites, silicon fabrication plants and off-shore locations, the need for secure and responsive remote control is paramount. Any delay, even if only a second, could impact the entire operation.

In response to this need, the ipeps+ provides smooth-motion video at up to 30 fps together with 24-bit color depth over IP. This versatile addition to the Adder portfolio enables organisations to securely view and edit HD video from anywhere in the world as if they were locally connected to the target computer.

Joining Adder at InfoComm will be a host of market-leading tech partners including Argosy, Genelec and B-Tech; all of whom share in the values of quality and innovation.

Experience Adder yourself at InfoComm 2019 (Booth 2569), June 12-14 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center, Florida. Visit to book a personal demonstration.

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