A Third Queen’s Award for Contra Vision

After gaining a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2014 for Overseas Trade and another in 2015 for Innovation, Contra Vision has been successful in winning a further Queen’s Award for Innovation.

The award is in recognition of the Manchester UK based company’s development of their High Definition (HD) One-way Vision Perforated Window Film. While standard perforated window film features holes that are 1.6mm in diameter, Contra Vision has developed highly specialised tooling and an exclusive range of films to allow the holes to be reduced to just 1mm in diameter.

The product allows graphics to be printed onto film and applied to glass for advertising, branding, architectural design, one-way privacy and solar control. The perforated film allows a clear view through the glass from the other side.

This is a huge breakthrough and allows printing companies around the world to print graphics that offer amazing detail and clarity never seen before. Text and imagery that was once difficult to read is now early legible. The micro perforations also create the smoothest see-though on a perforated film.

Roland Hill, Chairman and Founder of Contra Vision Ltd said, “I am delighted that Contra Vision has been recognised for a third time and has been awarded the Queens Award for Innovation. I am proud of the team at Contra Vision; their continued hard work and dedication in identifying opportunities and utilising technological developments, ensuring that Contra Vision® products continue to lead the way in the one-way vision window film market”

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