A Personal Approach to Sharing the Magic of Christmas

Glyn Robinson from Equator Design discusses trends that will influence packaging design this Christmas




While other seasonal trends – like Easter or summer – may be important in terms of generating sales opportunities, no other period creates the potential for a big reveal like Christmas.

Christmas is the time where consumers will stretch their grocery budget, try new tastes and indulge in treat purchases.  The challenge for retailers is to capture the mood of both the seasonal festivities and the wider array of current trends with a Christmas range that is relevant, cohesive and both visually and creatively tied to their Christmas marketing campaign.

Traditionally, Christmas is the season to be jolly and, in the age of austerity, we have seen an exponential rise in the willingness to maximise the festivities, with Christmas jumpers gracing the workplace and homes bedecked with fairy lights.

Meanwhile, there is also a trend towards the stripped back Christmas in a post-consumerism approach to keeping it simple and making it about the experience rather than the spending splurge. This is creating trends that focus on hand-made and home-made, incorporating elements of vintage, traditionalism and influences from nature.

While these trends may seem contradictory there are significant areas of synergy here. Online purchases will continue to grow with experiential gifts and subscription bundles, which tap into consumer goals of giving something special without simply buying more ‘stuff’.  Not only does this tap into post-consumerism and environmental trends; it also provides opportunities for more personal gifting and a focus on shared experience.

The concept of shared enjoyment in Christmas and a personal approach to creating ‘your Christmas, your way’, will be key influences going forward. Consumers are looking for products that will help them create the magic of Christmas and welcome tradition into their home, but there is also a move to reduce waste and focus spend on the quality of experience rather than the volume of goods.  This will also be reflected in packaging with the emphasis on reducing use of single-use plastic, improving recyclability and paring back packaging, while delivering that premium festive feel.


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