4 loyalty-boosting tactics for high street retailers

Michael Rolph, CEO and Co-founder, Yoyo

1)  Omnichannel loyalty

Secure, personalised and truly consistent customer experience can only be delivered through omnichannel loyalty programmes. The most successful programmes offer brands the chance to deliver hyper-targeted marketing and communications at every touchpoint – from mindless online browsing to in-store check out.

These programmes enable customers to receive rewards and enjoy personalised experiences. For retailers, they provide a holistic view of buying behaviours.

More effective data capture online and offline enables marketers to create the most comprehensive customer behaviour segments and give them the power to deliver even more targeted campaigns.

2)  The rising importance of brand ethics and corporate mission 

The rise in ethical consumerism has seen an increase in the number of corporate brands reconsidering their environmental or social impact. This has been driven by the rise in consumers becoming more conscious of what they purchase and from who they purchase, talking into consideration the ethical side of the business. Retailers have witnessed a shift in consumers considering ethical and social aspects of a product or service ahead of the usual price and quality. In turn, in saturated markets the importance of brand values could determine whether a customer will use one service over another.

If brands want to appeal to consumers’ sense of loyalty today, they must demonstrate care for the ethics of their business.

3) Hyper-personalisation moving to the core

Yoyo asked 18 to 34-year-olds which personalised benefits they would most like to see introduced to their high street experience. A staggering 69% said they wanted personalised deals/discounts tailored to their past purchases. Nearly half (49%) said the ability to skip queues was a must; and 45% said they wanted notifications of the chance to instantly reserve items they were likely to want that had become available in a nearby store. 

Showing a customer products based on their known interests and past behaviour dramatically improves their purchase journey, making them more likely to buy, and increases their satisfaction with the brand.

Having real-time insights into customer behaviour at the point-of-sale enables retailers to deliver a new level of personalised loyalty services to their customers. This is how to use data intelligently.

Looking forward, hyper-personalisation will be increasingly integral to retail strategies.

4) Superior in-store experiences

The lesson for retailers looking to boost loyalty could not be clearer: invest in your customer experience. Take care of your NPS scores and customer satisfaction ratings and customer retention rates will look after themselves.

Our own data shows that high streets have in fact increased their average spend per visit by 25%. Demonstrating the impact of providing a seamless, convenient and personalised customer experience.

If footfall is to continue waning, value-adds such as these can give high street retailers a necessary competitive edge, which may turn out to be the difference between success and failure.

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