100% Design announces DESIGN FRESH and its 30 innovatory participants

2019: An original celebration of breakthrough design talent chosen by 100% Design and by curator Barbara Chandler

This year’s edition of 100% Design reveals 30 emerging designers who have been selected for Design Fresh, curated by Barbara Chandler, design editor at the London Evening Standard. Design Fresh is a celebration of outstanding breakthrough talent scouted at major UK design degree shows as well as at two editions of New Designers, with input from over 200 creative courses.

Many designers selected are concerned with pressing global issues such as climate change, carbon emissions and waste from our lifestyles and industry, and how these can be tackled through design. At the same time, designers are conscious of the needs of individuals, living perhaps in cities where space is at a premium, and maybe craving a touch of beauty or handmade authenticity.

From eco-aware concepts to innovative manufacturing processes, revolutionary new materials and sustainable ways of using existing ones, designers are exploring ideas, solving problems, and demonstrating the power of design to affect our lives through creativity and innovation.

New works are presented in a striking feature at the entrance to the show, and designers are on hand throughout the show to answer questions and explore ideas. Some are already in business, with professional websites, and products on the market.

A key trend is the creativity of new designers in using waste as a resource for their work. Clemence Grouin-Rigaux, born in France and a graduate of Central St Martins, is fashioning materials including blood and bone from slaughterhouses, and transforming them into elegant stools, while The Red Mud collective, ex RCA students, have turned the abundant waste from the alumina industry into ceramic-like vessels and pipes. Benjamin Stanton is compressing layers of old jeans into a stable rigid board for furniture – 20 pairs for each oak-framed five-shelf unit. Sophie Coiley has created elegant vessels, made from discarded cardboard, including unwanted Amazon packaging, which resemble stone, marble, or oxidised metal. Our attitudes to plastic have changed drastically over the past few years, and several designers are addressing this issue, including Diana Tso, who has created compostable plant containers from seaweed.

The new designers have extensively experimented with techniques and materials, often conducting an impressive amount of research. Francesca Smyth has perfected new and old ways of dyeing, printing and weaving, for beautiful, ethically-sourced fabrics named after the people that inspired them, while Dessislava Ivanova has invented an innovative system of hydroponics. Claire Varin has created a baby bath to minimise eczema. Huw Evans has made rigid timber flexible through a painstaking system of cuts. Beauty and craft flourish in ceramics, weaving, printing, glass and woodwork.

“Designers have been chosen as much for their potential as for their impressive products and projects. They are an immediate pool of talent for industry, craft, research, and society at large,” says curator Barbara Chandler.

The second Design Fresh Awards will be presented at 100% Design at 4 pm on Thursday September 19th.

The awards have been commissioned from last year’s winner Atticus Durnell using THAT’S CAFFEINE, his innovative material made directly from coffee grounds.

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Anton Mikkonen, Arjun Singh Assa, Benjamin Stanton, Callum Langfield, Claire Varin, David Howson, Desmond Lim, Dessislava Ivanova, Huw Evans, Morgane Elza Loiseau, Phat Design, Tijana Kostić, Tom Morgan, Tristan Hibberd,


Clemence Grouin-Rigaux, Diana Tso, Finley Osborne, Milo-Tonry Brown, Red Mud Project, Sophie Coiley, Victoria Enright


Annabelle Hulewicz, Anne Gardner, Colin Wilkes,


Francesa Smyth, Jacob Monk, Kamile Balcuniate, Lydia Forman, Rachna Garodia, Saffron Saunderson

Find links to the designers’ websites and Instagram accounts at: https://www.100percentdesign.co.uk/design-fresh-2019

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