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Convert Shopfronts into Digital Advertising Spaces with Transparent LED GlassCDS logoCDS Image - Feb17

Transparent LED Glass allows shopfront’s or atrium’s to be converted into digital advertising space, whilst allowing transparency into the building. This allows retailers to maximise the impact of advertising campaigns without blocking out larger areas of the windows. Natural Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out.

Content can be delivered via a customised controller, allowing for rich and vibrant presentations
And the Modular structure allows systems to be built to accommodate windows of all sizes, including atriums spanning several floors.

The LED displays are available in several pixel pitches, allowing for the viewing distance and content, to be tailored to the individual location and objective of the campaign.

The displays are installed inside the store behind the existing glass and the modular LED arrays are built to a custom sub frame, which can be installed in several ways depending on the Site.

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Brick Slip Cladding in style for interiorseurobrick-product-image-dec16_jan17

Brick slip cladding specialist Eurobrick remains a firm favourite among interior designers looking to achieve their desired aesthetic for leisure and retail clients this winter.

Eurobrick has supplied projects for many top brands including Bella Italia, Nandos, All Bar One, TopShop, Costa Coffee, SuperDry and Brewhouse and Kitchen.

Proving to be particularly popular for interiors is Eurobrick’s Newbridge Mix from the Classic Range, a rustic looking brick slip that brings character and warmth. Those looking for more of an aged effect and lighter colour can opt for the ever popular Old English, also from the Classic Range and a favourite for leisure interiors. For a more minimalist look, the clean lines and smooth finish of the Britannia Premium Range can provide a contemporary finish.

Eurobrick have recently introduced some new brick slips to their ranges, including Old Beaufort. This slip, part of the Classic Range, is a pale buff, multi stock brick slip, with a slightly tumbled finish and attractive tonal variations.

Richard Haines, sales and technical director at Eurobrick, spoke of the suitability of brick slip cladding for leisure and retail environments:

“We’ve been installing our cladding systems in retail stores and leisure venues for over 25 years. Our systems are versatile, fast and simple to install, with a slimline profile that makes them perfect for commercial projects.

“We have a range of different cladding solutions to help designers overcome the technical issues that can be associated with achieving a real brick finish on interiors projects. We always recommend getting in touch with us so we can make sure they get the right solution for their requirements.”

Complementary or contrasting mortar can be added to the brick slip cladding using Eurobrick’s specially formulated Europoint. The cement-based mortar is available in eight different colours from white or sandstone to brick red or charcoal.

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