Why leading companies donate products to In Kind Direct

Amazon, P&G, Pentland Brands and Meyer Group share their experience and the benefits of product giving with In Kind Direct.

London, 8th February 2016 – In Kind Direct, a charity founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 1996 to provide an easy way for companies to donate their surplus product to good causes, has released a series of videos revealing the reasons why some the UK’s leading manufacturers and retailers are giving products to In Kind Direct.

A triple win

“In Kind Direct allows us to donate products that would otherwise go to landfill, might get destroyed or might get sold through other channels. It allows us to get those products to people who really need them, and the multiplier effect is absolutely fantastic.” says Andy Rubin, Chairman of Pentland Brands, a privately held, family-run brand management business that manages a range of sports and outdoor brands including Speedo, Berghaus and Boxfresh. “For the charities it allows them to get access to better quality of product than they would be able to afford for themselves. And from an environmental point of view there’s less product going to landfill. So it’s a triple win.”

Aimee Goldsmith, Associate Communications Director at P&G, another major donor to In Kind Direct, echoes this view: “We see really it as a win, win, win. It’s a win for Procter & Gamble because we are able to give products to communities that need them. [It’s] a win for the environment [as] that surplus product would otherwise have gone to landfill or incineration. It helps us achieve our environmental sustainability goals and keeps our costs down because we pay for that disposal normally. But importantly, it’s a win for the people who get to receive top branded products.”

Brand protection and transparent reporting

Companies who have put a lot of effort into building their brand’s reputation are rightly cautious about the way their products get redistributed. “We’ve total confidence in [In Kind Direct’s] vetting processes, we believe that the products we supply are going to people that need it. [Both charities and businesses] benefit because it stretches the brand perception and people can actually see that we’re [making] a contribution.” Paul Wright, Chairman of Meyer Group, a global cookware firm that manages world-renowned brands such as Circulon and Prestige and regularly donates goods to In Kind Direct.

Ajay Kavan, Vice President Special Projects at Amazon.co.uk and a Trustee of In Kind Direct adds: “One of the things that’s great about In Kind Direct is the strong controls they have in place to ensure that the product is actually going to the causes that we want them to get to as opposed to being sold or generally entering distribution. We know for example that over 80% of those charities just wouldn’t be able to afford to buy those products if In Kind Direct didn’t [redistribute] them”

“In Kind Direct is particularly great at letting us know how our products reach the end users and the people who use our products to benefit, they’ll tell us how many charities we’ve reached, but they’ll also explain whether those charities are in the UK or they’re abroad and that gives us the confidence that they’re going to the right places.” adds Aimee Goldsmith at P&G.

A feel-good factor for employees and stakeholders

For Andy Rubin, Pentland Brands is “happy for people in a homeless shelter, a hospice, an orphanage to be able to benefit from our products… that’s enhancing our brand, it’s not doing any damage. What’s really powerful is that our employees get to see the impact of what we’re doing. We’re able to get really good transparent reporting from In Kind Direct so that either regionally or by type of charity we can know where the product has got to.”

“It’s particularly valuable from an internal perspective, because everybody gets a feel-good factor.” adds Paul Wright.

“We expect our relationship [with In Kind Direct] to keep growing because we see a charity that is making a difference to thousands of small charities, a charity that makes it very easy for us to make that difference, and [a charity that’s] an absolutely fantastic organisation to work with. Based on our experience of working with In Kind Direct since 2009 I’d really have no hesitation in recommending to other retailers and manufacturers you know whether you’re small or large.” Ajay Kavan, Vice President, Special Projects, Amazon.co.uk

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