“Who’s paying for Christmas Dinner this year?”

Supermarkets curb meat theft with new tagging technology

As the last weekend before Christmas Day approaches, supermarkets are likely to be busier than ever as people stock up for their festive celebrations. Now, a new technology solution for security tagging refrigerated and frozen meats could mean that roast dinner pick-pockets, who plan to steal meats from the supermarket, could be about to get caught red handed.

IT installation specialists Barron McCann have been busy installing transmitters EAS Antennas in the stores of a leading supermarket chain across the UK, which will now trigger an alarm if the meat is taken out of the store without the label being deactivated at the till.

The special meat labels, which have been developed by Checkpoint, a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, have been specifically designed to protect refrigerated and frozen meat  and offers optimised protection, which enables food retailers to improve merchandise availability across high at risk meat product lines .  for several days.

It is thought that breakthrough technology like this is currently saving the worlds leading supermarket retailers millions, which would have otherwise been stolen.

Alan Watson, MD of Barron McCann, believes this is a much needed solution for retailers during what are still tough trading conditions. He commented;

“Retailers are always exploring ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profit. Tackling customer theft is one of the areas that can have a really positive impact on the bottom line almost instantly. Reducing the amount of stock that is stolen leaves more on the shelves for paying customers, improves stock levels, increases sales and improves customer satisfaction when it comes to product availability. This kind of technology is clearly a win-win for both retailers and their customers.” 

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