Westfield Stratford City, gateway to the 2012 London Olympic Games

Westfield Stratford City, the new 1.9million square foot retail and leisure destination is the gateway to the 2012 London Olympic Games, with 70% of spectators to the Olympic Park expected to pass through Westfield Stratford City this Summer. It has also been designed to be one of the most environmentally efficient retail centres in the UK.


This new retail landmark has been designed from the outset with the future in mind. Material choice was of paramount importance to provide an environment that will serve the community and visitors day in, day out, remaining functional and visually appealing well after the excitement of the London Olympics.


Working with Westfield’s in-house design team, interiors solutions manufacturer SAS International designed, supplied and installed long term sustainable metal solutions throughout the development including; bulkheads, spandrel panels, bespoke exterior cladding and column casings.


The metal interior solutions are visually appealing but also had to answer strict performance demands. Metal was specified over other materials because of its durability. Ease of access to the service voids was also important for necessary on-going maintenance and any future upgrades of the shopping centre.


The beautifully structured Tubeline, used in circular steel and aluminium, features on all three levels of the interior of the curved atrium. Striking yet functional, it has been designed to provide an incredibly versatile solution. Sections of Tubeline were divided by six metre high bulkheads to help break up the straight tubes to enable it to curve with the building.


To create a modern streamlined look Westfield’s in-house design and construction team also specified a bespoke external cladding system to provide seamless integration with the exterior balustrades and interior metalwork. This was a complex task as external bulkheads had to be designed specifically to ensure no water ingress. It was therefore critical to get this right at design stage.


Aluminium spandrel panels with cladding panels were used for the external walkways leading to the car park as well as the tube and bus stations.


Further design challenges included continuity for the grid panels to line up and for differing materials of the interior and external tiles to provide a similar look and feel. SAS project management team worked on the meticulous installation of these solutions to ensure they were fitted to the highest standards. Working on the design and manufacture meant SAS International could reduce cost and installation time.


SAS International also fitted out many retailers’ outlets at Westfield Stratford City including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

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