Wallpaper Mural Company team up with Collins Bartholomew to produce contemporary street maps


At the Wallpaper Mural Company they like to offer their clients the unusual.

They have teamed up with Collins Bartholomew to produce contemporary street maps onto wallpaper and other products.


So now, not only can your district map be a practical item it can also become an aesthetic part of your office!


As you may already know, they don’t just produce wallpaper (not forgetting our magnetic wallpaper), they can also produce the maps on 5D art canvases, acrylics and printed roller blinds.

As their products are all bespoke and custom made, your own postcode can be centralised with your requested boundaries at the edges.

The maps can also be produced in your corporate colours or colours to your specification and you can also zoom into or further out of your area. If you are interested in maps onto wallpaper, canvases, acrylics or printed blinds please give us them a call or drop them a line with your relevant sizes, they are only too pleased to help and will get straight back to you with a no obligation quote!

For more information, call the Wallpaper Mural Company on   0845 370 0134.



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