Versatile HD media player available from Ginsbury

Ginsbury, the display and signage specialist, has announced the availability of a full HD digital signage media player from Frame Jazz Display. The B1080PX is a dedicated media player that can play media files directly from solid state SD or CF memory cards without the need for a host PC. The B1080PX enables an extensive range of media files to be easily and simply controlled with a host of file formats and video outputs supported.


The B1080PX is a standalone media player which provides support for multiple music, picture, movie, WMA and WMV9 formats. Multiple video output formats are available: S-video, RGB component video, VGA (up to 1360 x 768) and HDMI (1920 x 1080p). 3D content is also supported for playback on a 3D capable TV or projector. The B1080PX media player can be connected to a wired network via an integrated Ethernet port to support data transfer rates of up to 100Mbps. This feature provides maximum throughput for sharing and transferring digital media. Where wired networks are not feasible a Wi-Fi version supporting 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols is available.


Paul Constable, Product Manager, Ginsbury said “For many digital signage applications requiring a fully featured but versatile media player the B1080PX offers an ideal solution. The highly configurable nature of the B1080PX provides many options for controlling when and how media is delivered and presented.” He continued, “Media files can be automatically updated or downloaded at any time from an FTP server: files can be played and downloaded simultaneously.  Additionally, a schedule function enables designated files to be played automatically at a pre-determined time and date.”


The highly adaptable B1080PX supports multi-zone and multi-media display functions. XML can be used to design multi-zone layouts and play different types of content in each zone on one screen, including video, images, scrolling text, date, time and RSS feeds. A comprehensive front-end remote management software package is provided that enables the management of multiple networked B1080PX media players.


The B1080PX Android version provides support for the open platform operating system. This derivative of the B1080PX enables apps such as entertainment and games to be downloaded from the digital content service Google Play.


Also available from Ginsbury is the LED Button control box from Frame Jazz. This is a configurable external control box that connects to the B1080PX media player via a RS232 port to allow local user control of the display device, media playback, volume etc.


The B1080PX and LED Button control box can provide the ideal media player solution for many digital signage applications such as retail, advertising, enterprise, entertainment and public information. The B1080PX media player and LED Button control box are available from Ginsbury immediately.


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