Top structure for top store

T3 Airframe was the display system of choice for a prestigious Biotherm Aquasource retail unit in Helsinki’s leading department store, Stockmann.

Using T3 provided a flexible solution, creating an opportunity for a promotional retail unit to be placed directly on the stairs beside the main entrance, ensuring that Biotherm were able to make the most of this highly visible location.

“I doubt any other structure would have been as secure as the one built with T3 for this location” says Jonathan Evitt, T3’s creator and Tecna Display Managing Director,

“With such a high volume of shoppers passing the stand, T3’s rigidity combined with its design flexibility and ease of build made it ideal.”

This is the first time that Biotherm has used T3.  Jani Olkkonen from Sata C OY, T3’s Finnish distributor worked with Biotherm to ensure that the stand answered all their requirements.  He is certain that using T3 was instrumental in securing the job from Biotherm,

“We approached Biotherm because we knew that they were using different methods and materials to advertise their products.  They were instantly interested in the versatility, seamless image surfaces and opportunity to embed displays and lights that T3 provides.”

Jani also explains how Biotherm were attracted by the quality of T3,

“In the past they had used various wood and cardboard stands but the quality of material didn’t match the quality of their products.”

Another important factor in deciding to use T3 was the flexibility and reusability of the stand design.  Biotherm’s initial investment in T3 will be easily recouped as the stand and graphics can be reconfigured and used again and again in various retail situations.

Sata C OY made full use of the range of T3 components when designing the stand.  Biotherm appreciated the glamour that the stand was able to provide.  The graphic elements of the stand were double sided and coated with hot laminate and both ends of the stand were illuminated to create visual impact and attract attention from shoppers.

You may think that such an elegant and intricate T3 design would be difficult and time-consuming to build. But Jani reports that the stand was easy and fast to assemble, taking two men a total of just three hours each.

Design flair, fast assembly and a new satisfied customer, this is a story of one T3 stand that has it all. T3 – the world’s most advanced modular display system.


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