Tensator adds multi-service machine range to product portfolio

Tensator, a leader in queue management and customer journey solutions, has announced an extension of its product portfolio with the introduction of a range of self-service products: Multi-Service Machines (MSM).

Designed to provide cost savings, enhance business performance, increase sales and heighten brand promotions, MSMs can be used anywhere that simple, low cost, repetitive payment transactions are made.

Typical applications include selling tickets, gift cards, stamps and meal vouchers, paying invoices, topping up mobile phone accounts, and weighing letters and parcels. This level of flexibility means that the range has the potential to work across a variety of sectors, including retail, postal, travel, utilities and telecoms.

By empowering customers to independently, efficiently and securely perform simple transactions themselves, MSMs help to reduce customer waiting times and eliminate stress. By allowing customers to serve themselves, cashiers or operators are freed up to focus on more demanding or time consuming activities, bringing increased resource efficiencies. MSMs can be customised to strengthen brand awareness by highlighting specific products, promotions and campaigns and also provide the ability for data capture, thus providing the opportunity to monitor and act on consumer behaviour.

Other features include touchscreen capabilities, document and receipt printing and the ability to fit a MSM to the exterior of a store, offering the consumer 24/7 availability and the business the opportunity to further increase sales.

“We see the MSM range as offering benefits for both our clients and their customers,” commented Kevin Hickson, general manager of Tensator. “Repetitive and low cost transactions are more profitable if serviced by a MSM product. It means members of staff are available to focus on higher value transactions, allowing staff to monitor consumer behaviour.

“Reducing costs is a top priority for most businesses at the moment and MSMs can help bring about cost savings. If we take their use by mobile phone retailers as an example, top-ups can be provided via an on-screen code, offering a dramatic saving when it comes to the printing and distribution costs associated with top-up or scratch cards. Batches of physical cards are also more susceptible to getting lost or stolen, so the MSM helps to improve risk control.

“MSMs have already produced tangible results for some of the world’s biggest brands and we certainly see them as becoming more commonplace across a variety of sectors as we move through 2013.”

Tensator’s range of self-service products is designed to complement other queue management solutions in the company’s comprehensive product portfolio. These include, electronic and virtual queue management options, digital media platforms, in-queue merchandising, and the world renowned Tensabarrier® post, which all work together, to enhance the customer journey and deliver cost savings, resource efficiencies and increased revenue to businesses.

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