The Wallpaper Mural Company introduce SwitchScene™

The Wallpaper Mural Company, home of digital wallpaper and more, introduces SwitchScene™, an amazing magnetic wall and POS display system which will revolutionise the way products are promoted in store or backdrops changed with the seasons.

SwitchScene™ is a unique large-scale graphics solution that enables the creation of in-store graphics that can be updated effortlessly. Seasonal promotions can be re-used and SwitchScene™ can be tailored to meet a wide array of changeable graphic needs.

Unlike similar products on the market ours uses the revolutionary SwitchScene™ paint system. Paint your wall with SwitchScene™ and over-colour to your choice to blend in with its environment. Any graphic or promotion can then be printed on the SwitchScene™ skin and applied to the wall quickly cleanly and cost effectively. Graphics can be rolled and posted directly to your merchandising teams for instant easy application, just think about the cost savings and avoided downtime!!

Once the graphic message has run it’s course it can either be “Switched” with a new message or image, rolled up and put away until next time or the wall can be left as an aesthetically pleasing painted wall matched to the existing surrounding. SwitchScene™ is a very green system, vinyl and halogen free, uses waterbased inks and best of all is re-cyclable!

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