The Wallpaper Mural Company comes unstuck with new removable signs

Digital wallpaper printers have long been looking to create products that stick to glass and other surfaces and don’t use glue, and can be taken off and set again, allowing users an opportunity for trial and error should they place the product incorrectly.

The Wallpaper Mural Company did some research with Visual Merchandisers to asking what was the worst thing about using window vinyls in their displays. The answers were varied but not surprising. The following main drawbacks were listed as

  • bubbling,
  • installation cost
  • getting the adhesive off the window after use


With this in mind, The Wallpaper Mural Company set to work creating a product that would remove all of these issues, and the product is now available.


They have called it SwitchScene(TM) for Windows and it comes in two versions. The first is a “clear” which is for windows, and the second is an “opaque” which is more adaptable and can adhere to any smooth surface, making it ideal for advertisements and POS!

Environmental issues are addressed as the products are 100% recyclable! There is no adhesive involved so if it is placed slightly awry it can simply be peeled back off and re-applied. It’s re-useable over and over again and best of all there is no sticky residue left behind.

The size of your image doesn’t matter, as the pieces can be butt jointed to make a huge graphic if necessary. So, whether it’s an image of someone modeling this season’s fashion or just logos and text, size doesn’t matter.

The clear is for windows but the opaque can be used on any smooth surface such as white goods, counters, walls and even the floor!


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