The power of the Smartphone

‘SmartPhone and their applications become an integral part of life’, says Mubaloo Founder Mark Mason


The cost of SmartPhones and their applications have been added to the basket of goods and services that officially determine the cost of living in modern Britain. This is a clear indication of the significance these devices have achieved in the average Briton’s life.


This has come as no surprise to Mark Mason, CEO of Mubaloo, the UK’s leading app development agency.


‘A decent smartphone with a monthly plan could be as much as 3 per cent of someone’s pay packet. Add to that a number of apps every month and that could end up at 5 per cent. Whilst that seems a lot, apps do save people time and money as well as providing a huge amount of entertainment,’ he said.


There are 650 goods and services in the basket that make up the consumer prices index and the retail prices index compiled by the Office for National Statistics. SmartPhones and apps will be included in the revised basket which will determine February’s inflation rate which is due to be published on 22nd March.


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