“The People’s Supermarket” reviewing plans for first store in Wales

The UK’s most famous and successful member-owned and run social enterprise, The People’s Supermarket (TPS), has today announced that it is currently reviewing plans to support the opening of an upcoming store in Cardiff.

Plans for ‘Siop y Bobl’, Welsh for ‘The People’s Shop’ are being coordinated by six enterprising volunteers from the local community and already has hundreds of potential members pledging their support. As Rebecca Clark from the Siop y Bobl core team summarises: “It’s great news that The People’s Supermarket is looking to support the opening of a store in Cardiff and make its first mark in Wales. We have been hugely inspired by the success of the stores in London and hope to create an independent, people-powered alternative to supermarkets. This project is not just about opening another shop, it’s about creating a community around food, sustainability and happy, healthy living. It is as much abou­t people as it is about food.”

The opening of ‘Siop y Bobl’ in Wales will be supported by the People’s Supermarket  “Brick by Brick” campaign which will give the public the chance to buy a £1 ‘brick’, to fund future expansion. The People’s Supermarket is also offering the business community the opportunity to join the campaign, through sponsorship and their corporate social responsibility activities.  TPS believes that the joining of these two communities will deliver a positive and lasting difference to people’s lives and the environment. Members of the public and supporters of The People’s Supermarket can buy their “bricks” online at www.thepeoplessupermarket.org

With full details for Cardiff People’s Supermarket yet to be fully confirmed, the announcement follows hard on the heels of a new site launch for a store in Hackney, East London. The People’s Supermarket offers a different business solution – one that is community driven, not solely commercially driven.

As Kate Bull CEO, The People’s Supermarket summarises: “The principle of the TPS is that it is “driven by the people for the people.” Having Siop y Bobl in Cardiff would be another example of the fulfilment of a close relationship with the local council, community and traders, which is an important step towards creating stronger, more sustainable cities. We are hoping to work with The Cardiff Siop y Bobl team to bring their plans to fruition in the near future.”


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