The Male Sale – when men finally begin their Christmas shopping

Finding out when men start Christmas shopping is simply common scents – sales of Chanel No. 5 perfume go through the roof.


It’s the most popular fragrance bought by men every year, and signals the beginning of their annual Christmas splurge, says high street store Debenhams.


Demand for lingerie and jewellery soar at the same time as men opt for the one-stop-shop approach and complete their Christmas purchasing in one marathon session.


So great is the trend that experts have dubbed the day ‘The Male Sale’ and entire retail plans are now built around the vital date.


Said Debenhams spokesperson, Ruth Attridge, “It’s like a starting pistol going off.


“As soon as we see sales of Chanel No. 5 rising, we know that men have begun the race to get their Christmas shopping done.


“It has become a key economic indicator, enabling us to alter our stock levels and product ranges to meet men’s demands.


“Men have a totally different way of shopping. They just want to get into store, pick up the items they want as quickly as possible – and leave”.


This year, ‘The Male Sale’ began on Saturday 17th December (and is expected to peak on Christmas Eve) but on previous years, it has begun as late as December 21st – just four days before the big day.


In contrast, women are believed to begin Christmas shopping in earnest in the first weekend of November when sales of festive decorations rise rapidly.


Female present buying comes much earlier in December, usually the first weekend, when the must-have children’s and boys’ toys are snapped up.


Sales of men’s jumpers, socks and ties follow suit in the first and second week in December with women moving onto organising presents for the men in their life.


Attridge continues, “Our male customers tell us that their minds don’t switch to Christmas proper until after the office party and therefore shopping doesn’t appear on the agenda until then.


“They then prefer to hit one to three shops in a single shopping trip and are motivated by the pressure of a last minute challenge.


“A bottle of Chanel No. 5 is traditionally their first purchase and once completed spurs men on to impulse buy the rest of the presents”.


The information gathered from sales of Chanel No.5 and other top fragrances for the year, including Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Jimmy Choo and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb helps Debenhams plan its Christmas stock levels, ensuring that enough bottles are available as close to Christmas as possible.


Debenhams has also launched a ‘Christmas Express’ shopping service which allows customers to have their present buying sorted in less than an hour by the department store’s personal shoppers.


Attridge adds, “For decades now, sales of Chanel No.5 have informed us about how and when men shop.


“The enduring image of Marilyn Monroe wearing nothing but the scent in bed will keep it at the top of men’s shopping lists for many Christmases to come”.


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