The Bon-Ton’s signage is on trend with Episys

The Bon-Ton, a US retailer with 277 department stores and 11 furniture outlets, has improved its in-store signage communications following the implementation of Retail Enterprise Suite™ from global information technology solutions and services company, Episys.

Bon-Ton operates a promotional pricing strategy and relies on the Episys signage system to communicate sale offerings to its customers.  The project has been so successful that the Retail Enterprise Suite™ is now integrated into Bon-Ton’s sales strategy.

Nick Philippi, Store Manager of the Mayfair Boston Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said, “As a Store Manager, signage is business-critical to me.  If the signs are not correct or displayed incorrectly, I believe we are losing an opportunity to do additional business.  We have an obligation to our customers to provide them with accurate signage, which is a big task in the store.  We know we can now rely upon the accuracy of the Episys system; and therefore, we can focus our efforts on making sure that our associates are following the correct processes.”

In the US, retailers from state-to-state are faced with varying pricing/signage legislation, and Bon-Ton had to address the issue.  Philippi continued, “The state of Wisconsin is strongly focused on ensuring customers get a consistent price for items.  We are subject to audits and there is very little room for error, so we rely on the system to produce accurate signs and avoid fines levied for incorrect signage.”

As well as providing Bon-Ton with accurate signage, the Episys solution has also enabled the retailer to cut down on the time taken to post signage.  Philippi said, “Controlling your apparel is critical and if we can do it in less time and spend less money on a non-selling function, it benefits us and our bottom line.  The solution has also given us the facility to react quickly if need be to changes in prices as we can now go onto the signage system and create a new sign in a matter of minutes.”


Derek Buchanan, Chief Executive Officer at Episys said, “Customers walking into a Bon-Ton store are guaranteed that they’ll be able to see the price for any item they pick up.  Whatever size the store is, and however it’s laid out, the signage is clear and the correct promotional message is displayed.”


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