The Big Noise in Retail Right Now? Quiet Technology

If you’re passing by the windows of John Lewis, Oxford Street, or Peter Jones, Sloane Square, in the coming weeks, you won’t be able to miss the eye-catching presence of Quiet Mark. John Lewis, a proud partner of Quiet Mark, is lending its support to the pioneers of quiet technology.


Brands such as AEG, Dualit, Dyson, Magimix, Miele and Lumie, among others, are featured in the windows, which showcase Quiet Mark approved appliances and products. The display includes low noise, high performance washing machines, fridge freezers, kettles, fans, purifiers and vacuums, all of which have been verified by Quiet Mark as being among the quietest available.


Inviting Quiet Mark to dominate the window space at John Lewis Oxford Street for four weeks and at Peter Jones Sloane Square for eight weeks, sends a clear message to the retail sector: Customers want relief from the noise of technology in their homes – and retailers with Quiet Mark approved products can solve the problem by helping them soundscape their homes and live more peacefully.


What is Quiet Mark?

Quiet Mark, the trading arm of the Noise Abatement Society is allied with the world’s leading acoustic experts and carries out rigorous tests and verification to establish whether a product is one of the quietest in category to be awarded the distinctive purple Quiet Mark. This universal symbol makes it easy for consumers to prioritise ‘quiet’ when buying products for their home and garden.


Top retailers joining the Quiet Revolution

Quiet Mark’s founder and MD, Poppy Szkiler, has worked tirelessly to ensure that brands and retailers understand the value of quiet to their customers. Poppy says, “The Quiet Mark windows at two of John Lewis’ flagship department stores are a reflection of how far Quiet Mark has come and the importance of reducing noise in our society.


“Since Quiet Mark launched in 2012, we have been working hard to increase awareness of the harmful effects of unwanted noise on health and wellbeing. The support of the largest omni-channel retailer in the UK is invaluable and enables UK consumers to understand the issues and experience quieter products before purchase.”


The store window displays are just part of a growing collaboration between John Lewis and Quiet Mark. In store displays already underline the strong partnership, and this month sees the installation of Quiet Kitchens, featuring the latest Quiet Mark approved quiet kitchen technology, in a number of stores across the country. This highly visible endorsement from John Lewis shows that quiet is making a big noise in retail circles whilst driving product development.


Poppy says, “We are thrilled that Quiet Kitchens are also being installed in the next week in a number of stores to help customers better understand the difference that quiet technology can make to the aural environment of their home. In addition, Quiet Mark POS labels will be prominent in-stores on awarded Quiet Mark products later this month. We are thankful to John Lewis for their continuing support of ‘quiet’ both in-store and online.”


Laurence Mitchell, head of buying, EHT at John Lewis, adds, “We are very proud of our partnership with Quiet Mark and supportive of its mission to create a more peaceful way of living.


“Our own research shows that almost half (49%) of people in Britain consider sound an important factor when buying home appliances. This increases to 62% of those with an open plan kitchen, lounge, or dining room. Unwanted noise is clearly a problem – and we are very pleased to be working with Quiet Mark to help solve it.


“Our Quiet Mark window displays showcase a range of Quiet Mark awarded appliances and products. We are also installing Quiet Kitchens, which feature a selection of products with Quiet Mark approved technology, in a number of our stores in the coming week. Both initiatives are part of our plan to raise awareness of the benefits of reducing unwanted noise in the home – and help more consumers to take control of the soundscape of their living space.”


Why choose quiet?

The World Health Organisation says that noise pollution is the second most pressing threat to public health after air pollution. Unwanted noise is more than just annoying, it is impacting our physical and mental health. More often than not, we are not aware of the detrimental effect noise is having. It causes sleeplessness and anxiety, leads cardiovascular problems, and negatively affects productivity.


The problem of unwanted noise is huge, not just for people, but for the environment and wildlife. Quiet Mark is a Quiet Pioneer – currently now working with over 70 manufacturers across over 45 product design categories in the UK and Europe such as BMW, Virgin Atlantic, Miele and Dyson to test, identify, and reward the quietest technology in the marketplace.


The next phase, which is already underway, is a global mission – Quiet Mark is developing partnerships worldwide to amplify its message and reach. Watch out for a new global website… coming soon!


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