The bespoke suit that lets you take yourself to work every day!

Cad and the Dandy, the innovative bespoke tailor, have created another Savile Row first with their stunning DNA linings!

Co-founders James Sleater and Ian Meiers have teamed up with a new company called DNA Art UK to produce the ultimate in individualistic silk suit linings.

“Our customers are sent a swab-kit in the post. They return a sample of their DNA which is used to create a totally unique piece of art work,” explained James Sleater.

“Customers can choose which colours are used to display their DNA chart and we print it onto the silk which we use to line their suit. What could be more personal than being wrapped up in your own DNA.”

DNA UK was founded in 2007 and was been featured on ‘Friday night with Jonathan Ross’.

The DNA artwork idea has developed from Cad & the Dandy’s collaboration with Business Punks, a progressive fashion label from Vienna producing a range of Fine Art fabrics.

“Business Punks to offer our customers something a little bit different: totally unique, radical linings that are genuine works of art,” said Mr Sleater.

Cad & the Dandy were founded by banking professionals James Sleater and Ian Meiers in 2008 after they were both made redundant from their jobs in the city.

With shops in the City, Canary Wharf and Savile Row, Cad & the Dandy offers high-end, bespoke machine- and hand-stitched tailoring at a competitive price. The company is growing fast and turned over £1.3m in 2010.



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