The Attic Room takes off with a new project

The Attic Room Design Ltd has been working with Three Sixty Ventures to design and install its debut airport mall site at five major airports across Europe.

Statoil, the Norwegian gas and oil producer, approached the duo to design an information site that would raise the profile and create awareness around the Statoil brand. Designed and built within six weeks, The Attic Room installed the Statoil sites into Heathrow T5, Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf airports, all on the same day to ensure the global launch happened at the same time.

Aimed at the business sector, the site consists of a touch screen video and rolling web real time news on flat screens TVs about the largest gas and oil producer in Europe. Using materials including corian, the site was built with a striking finish to reflect the quality product that Statoil offers.

Tony Best, managing director comments: ‘Statoil have received a good response rate for use of the touch screen. We can’t produce any tangible results of custom yet but the use of the screen from footfall through the airport indicates that we have responded to Statoil’s need to raise brand awareness.’



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