Tensator helps independent retailers improve customer experience

Tensator is continuing to help independent retailers manage in-store queues and reduce stock loss. 

With the latest figures from the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) showing that just over 55 per cent of independent stores are anxious about trading in the year ahead, Tensator is showing retailers how small changes can bring about lucrative benefits.

“Some independent retailers seem to think that queue management is something just for the big brands,” commented Kevin Hickson, general manager of Tensator. “However, making sure that the checkout process is as straightforward and efficient as possible can have an impact on any business, regardless of size.

“Take the introduction of a single line queue as an example. Replacing separate queues at each till point with a single line, where consumers are served in the order they arrive by the next available cashier, can help reduce customer walk-aways, improve customer flow by 25 per cent and reduce service times by 30 per cent.

“It also dramatically reduces the opportunity for a form of employee theft known as ‘sweethearting’, which involves cashiers exploiting their position to allow friends and family to take certain goods without paying. Common across the retail sector, this can have a particularly devastating impact on independent retailers who are not so well placed to absorb stock loss. A single line queue helps to combat this problem by making it harder for customers to know which cashier they will be served by.”

To help independent retailers take control of their own queue management, Tensator is launching an Electronic Call Forward (ECF) solution, targeted specifically at the sector.

The SLQ1000 requires no specialist installation and is designed to allow small retailers to install themselves and does not need to be linked up to point of sale systems – providing a cost-effective solution that quickly improves customer flow.

The queue management solution features 6, 12, 18 or 24 position options, a central control unit with an amber LCD screen, allowing improved visibility to the visually impaired and an integrated speaker that has a choice of two call forward messages in seven languages.

As customers approach the checkouts, they join a single line queue. The call forward system displays the next available till position on its screen and instructs the customer at the head of the queue to move to it.

This not only allows for an easily controlled flow through the queue, but also avoids the frustration many customers feel when an adjacent queue moves faster than their own.

“The SLQ1000’s low price makes it easily accessible to independent retailers, making it ideal for convenience stores, fast food outlets and local post offices,” added Kevin.

“We believe that these businesses should be able to benefit from efficient queue management solutions as much as the multiples, and this product is a perfect solution for many independent retailers.”

For more information, visit www.tensator.com and follow Tensator on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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