Taking shoppers behind the Fairtrade label



As Fairtrade Fortnight begins, Sainsbury’s are today revealing a new initiative to help show customers the difference that buying Fairtrade products makes to the lives of farmers and growers in some of the world’s poorest countries. From Monday 27th February, Sainsbury’s will feature QR code technology across key Fairtrade own brand lines that will allow customers  to instantly find out the story behind the products in their basket.


Using a smartphone, customers will be able to scan QR codes which will instantly link through to the Fairtrade page on Sainsbury’s Live Well for Less website,  where  customers can learn about Sainsbury’s Fairtrade growers and  how Fairtrade premiums generated are making an essential difference to businesses and communities around the world. From here, further information can be found about Sainsbury’s 100% Fairtrade lines of bananas, roast and ground coffee, tea, plain cotton tee shirts and roses.


By shining a light on  how Fairtrade premiums are improving the lives of those helping grow the products, Sainsbury’s hopes to inspire more people to switch to Fairtrade for those everyday essentials. One of Sainsbury’s leading suppliers of Fairtrade bananas, the Banaeras de Uraba farm in Columbia, exported 1.2 million boxes of Fairtrade bananas to Sainsbury’s in 2010, generating an investment of $3million (approximately £1.9 million) which has been used to improve the quality of life of workers, their families and the local community.


Hector Jose Oviedo, a banana farmer at the Banaeras de Uraba farm in Colombia, said:


“The benefits that Fairtrade has brought to me and my family are enormous. Through the money that Fairtrade has provided, we now live in a new house built especially for banana farmers, which gives us access to schools, hospitals and local libraries which we didn’t have before. Our quality of life has improved greatly thanks to Sainsbury’s and Fairtrade.”


Judith Batchelar, Head of Brand for Sainsbury’s said :


“As the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade products, Sainsbury’s knows just how important Fairtrade premiums are to the farmers and communities that they support.  By introducing QR code technology to our Fairtrade packaging, we want to help our customers to understand the huge difference Fairtrade products make in helping to improve people’s lives in developing countries around the world.


The aim is to help our customers feel more connected to the products that they are buying, and the people and communities that they are supporting as a result.”


During Fairtrade Fortnight 2011, Sainsbury’s customers munched their way through more than 26 million bananas – one million more than in 2010. This equated to an incredible £10,500 a day in Fairtrade premiums over the two week period. In the last two years Sainsbury’s have sold a total of more than 1.3 billion Fairtrade bananas.

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