Sojeans deploys eCommera’s DynamicAction solution to drive online profits

Sojeans has inked a partnership with eCommera to adopt DynamicAction, a SaaS solution that collects, integrates and analyses thousands of data sources to provide daily actionable insights and recommended business changes across the organisation.

Unlike any reporting or analytics tool to date, DynamicAction tells retailers exactly what’s impacting performance and profit, recommends actions to take, and ranks them by how much untapped profit is on the table. The easy to implement, cloud-based application was developed to drive world-class business practices for innovative companies like Sojeans.

Deployable in a matter of weeks, DynamicAction will provide analysis of Sojean’s marketing, merchandising and operational data. It will take inputs from cross-site data sources such as profitability impact, media waste, product availability, inventory management and customer purchase history to propose actions that reduce lost sales and drive time savings and revenue.

“We have chosen to work with eCommera because of their unprecedented approach to data and turning it into action. With DynamicAction, eCommera offers us a unique solution, this in addition to their expertise in eCommerce, will no doubt accelerate our performance,” concludes Sébastien Mejean, co-founder of Sojeans.

‘’DynamicAction is able to aggregate copious amounts of big data, achieving automatically what would take roughly 900 hours of analysis per week,’’ explains Hervé Fauvin, Managing Director of eCommera, France. “This type of time savings and cross-organizational insight will allow Sojeans to operate and market more efficiently across their European footprint.”

“Sojeans has continually pushed the envelope with customer personalisation and eCommerce innovations,” said Andrew McGregor, Chief Executive Officer of eCommera. “DynamicAction will enable this fashion forward European concept store to transform its customer experience and arrive at more astute business decisions, armed with data understanding that is cohesive, actionable and prioritised by profit.”

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