RTF Europe Announces WatchLock, Cutting Edge Retail Security

Custom-built flexible mount enables customer interaction and provides maximum security against theft.

RTF Europe has announced the launch of the WatchLock, a new series of retail security mounts designed to protect wearable technology, including the Apple Watch, smartwatches and high-value timepieces.

The WatchLock addresses the key problem of how to effectively showcase live models of wearable tech in a way that’s flexible enough to allow customers to interact with the product naturally yet still provide a high degree of security. With anticipation building in advance of the release of the Apple Watch, the WatchLock is geared up and ready to cope with increased demand, providing retailers with a complete solution for live model display

Unlike traditional methods that use a tether, adhesive or alarmed band to provide some degree of protection, the WatchLock is custom-designed for modern smartwatches yet flexible enough to cater for any form of strap-based timepiece. An adjustable bracket clamps down onto the watch strap, ensuring that the materials used in the strap itself do not compromise integrity. This is then held securely in place by a Vise-style grip. Specifically built to cater for a wide range of shapes and sizes, it provides retailers with an effective combination of physical and alarmed security as a one-stop solution to securing both existing and upcoming devices such as the Apple Watch.

The WatchLock is compatible with RTF’s Vise series of security and can be fitted to existing Vise base units, allowing retailers to deal with stock rotation and new product integration in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Units can also be mounted as either a fixed or tethered solution for added flexibility.

With prices starting from £49 ex vat, the WatchLock is available now.


RTF WatchLock copy

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