Rohan brings its products to life with a new visual merchandising system

British outdoors clothing brand Rohan has announced the installation of a new in-store merchandising system meant to immerse customers into the brand’s world and put products in context. After successfully launching an e-commerce website a few years ago, the retailer has taken its cross-channel strategy to the next level, using in-store screens to reinforce its strong visual identity, present the company’s 40 year long history and advertise the products in store.

The dynamic graphics support shop-floor assistants in the highly consultative sale of Rohan clothing, while also entertaining viewers and decreasing perceived wait-time during busy hours.


Rohan’s Chairman, Colin Fisher explained the brand’s strategic move ‘’The important part of Rohan’s strategy is that we deal directly with the end- customer. So what we need to do is get across what the brand is about in a controlled environment. We make gear that protects people in the world’s wildest places, its technical benefits being rather hidden than overt. So we decided to use digital signage within our stores to explain these technical features in a visual way. The system proved to deliver that very effectively.’’


digitalsignage.NET, the cloud- based digital signage software of Dynamax, one of the longest- standing digital signage specialists worldwide, powers the 19-inch LG displays and allows headquarters to disseminate communications to selected stores. While content is managed centrally, the headquarters involve shop floor staff in choosing which files are to be played on screens in their stores.


Besides product demonstrations, the displays also ‘brought the products to life’ by showing videos shot in various places around the world where Rohan clothing is worn, complementing the static signage they already had in place. The brand said the system also allowed them to educate those customers who, when entering their stores, are reluctant to interact with their staff immediately.


Howard Smith, Director and Founder of Dynamax Technologies shared his thoughts on the project: ‘’We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Rohan and show the high potential of digital signage in this environment as well as our product’s ability to meet the complex needs of retailers.’’


Colin Fisher concluded ‘’We understand the power of cross-channel communications as consumers switch between online and offline easier than ever. We wanted to bridge the gap between the two channels and present our products to the ones most interested in them – customers already in our stores.’’


The new media solution can be seen in Rohan stores from Salisbury, Guildford and Bristol.

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