Revital wave goodbye to PRS and PPL license fees

Revital, a growing health and lifestyle retailer, today predicts a cost saving of more than £7,000 per year in PPL[1] and PRS[2] tariffs for playing licensed music in their shops, through its partnership with FreedomMusic.

With 14 sites nationwide, Revital will be rolling out license-free music across their entire estate over the coming weeks. Ashish Raja, Operations Manager of Revital, has estimated that this will save the company £7,000 in the first year alone, commenting: “FreedomMusic has significantly reduced the overheads to each site, whilst maintaining everything our customers love about our in-store experience”.

Recent research across over 200 high-street retailers found that 78%[3] of businesses were playing overhead music for their staff and customers, but of those sites sampled, just 60% were playing PRS registered music. Playing music in a retail environment has always had an attached cost in the form of PRS and PPL fees, but despite these hefty licensing fees, 79% of small retailers say that ceasing to play music would damage the store’s atmosphere[4], and therefore, the consumer shopping experience.

Nick Findlay at FreedomMusic commented: “While PRS and PPL fees are already a significant line on the budget for many retailers, we’re anticipating that music licensing costs will increase even further in January 2016 with the New Year tariffs.

For many retailers, this could mean significant increases to overheads with no improvement to their music service.

What is more, licenced-free music offers a way to retain the in-store atmosphere while support up and coming artists.”

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