Retailers looking for Mobile and Wireless Solutions In-Store


Many of the retailers visiting the recent Retail Business Technology Expo were looking for Mobile Points of Sale (MPoS) complemented by wireless technology and peripherals, according to Cybertill. EPoS & e-commerce supplier, Cybertill, makes its solutions available as a web-based managed service over a virtual private network. Cybertill has become the EPoS system of choice for retailers of all sizes and in many sectors of non-food retailing including fashion, footwear and accessory shops.


At the show, Cybertill showcased its cloud-based EPoS system and multi-channel software, but with a twist; it was deployed on iPads and Windows-based tablets which linked to truly portable, match-box sized Bluetooth scanners. MPoS in turn linked to Epson’s wireless receipt printer, the TM-T88V-i. It clearly demonstrated the future of retail and how MPoS enables queue busting, the management of pop-up stores and offer the customer a greater personal shopping experience. Indeed, this technology is available now and allows retailers to scale up their operations as required. Conversely, retailers can turn them off when required. The integration of wireless devices in store makes deployment straightforward and immediate.


Cybertill customers already use the system to manage pop up stores at events, festivals and trade shows. In the past they have typically managed this with a laptop, USB scanner and receipt printer. Now with an iPad, Bluetooth scanner and wireless receipt printer, the store environment can be recreated in any location. It gives retailers the flexibility to take advantage of pop up stores, whilst still having full visibility and control of stock and the retail process.


“The concept of pop up stores is changing retail and retailers. The notion of being able to set up retail operations in new locations at a moment’s notice is being seized upon by agile retailers, as they recognise the advantages it can bring them. Having systems that can be deployed instantly to manage a pop up store, without the need for installing and managing cabling, is also critical for retailers. Wireless systems will further refine and grow the practice of mobile retailing. What’s more, to be able to deploy wireless MPoS in busier periods, in a fixed store environment, will also become common place, thus helping queue busting.” commented Cybertill’s CEO, Ian Tomlinson.

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