Reach your maximum potential with the Retail Inspector!

Antony Welfare is on a mission – He wants to help local and independent retailers compete with the larger ‘faceless’ retail businesses.

“We all see high streets in the UK that look exactly the same as each other – the same brands, with the same logos, the same shop fits and the same stock,” says Antony. “Local people want something different and there is a large trend to find shops that are different – to be able to buy something local, unique or creative.”

‘The Retail Inspector Handbook’ (£14.99 Ecademy Press) is part of the flagship ‘Retail Inspector’ programme. Using Antony’s tried and tested “Retail Checklist” process, together with Customer insights, the book provides an assessment of the Retailer in a community –led programme, identifying where business can implement best practice and ensure they can compete with the larger organisations.

The book takes the reader on a well-constructed journey through the key areas that need to be considered, providing a clear and comprehensive practical guide to retailing in one compact volume.

The advice and information the company provides allows independent retailers access to a number of services and a large amount of expert retail support and advice.

With strong up-to-date tips covering on-line marketing and marketing and social media, ‘The Retail Inspector Handbook’ will guide you through the journey to make your business customer focused, and realise the potential you have to make your retail business a success.


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