PROPORTION>LONDON – New Collections Launch 2013

proportion>london recently hosted three open days at their Clerkenwell showroom to launch their latest collections to clients, press and students. In a convivially casual atmosphere, clients new and established came to see the ranges, talk to the Proportion team and generally catch up with industry colleagues.

Proportion’s offices house one of the largest VM showrooms in the UK, split into two ample and well lit spaces. This year’s presentation saw dedicated rooms for mens and womenswear, forming a strong and coherent message about the direction in which they see visual merchandising moving.  

Transformed into a spaciously luxurious bachelor pad, the larger showroom showcased Bespoke; an impeccably groomed concept for mens tailoring. Creative Director Tanya Reynolds explained “Despite the general casualisation of mens clothing, suiting and the need to dress correctly are still very much part of the male psyche. Bespoke offers a contemporary take on the tailoring room”. Utilising a lean shape from proportion’s extensive library of moulds, the range also includes a newly developed slim-line merchandising torso and valet stand with various add-on options. In addition the design team have extended their brief to include an ingenious take on garment rails and a new range of co-ordinating accessory presenters. Fibreglass and papier-mâché forms completed the room, with additional poses to the male SERIES collection and some experimental coverings for bustforms. proportion>london have cleverly showcased their menswear offer in a way that exhibits the versatility of the collection and also hints at the sort of environment that forward thinking retailers could adopt. In short, Bespoke is the sartorial ‘it’ range no menswear brand can afford to be without!

In the womens showroom, thirteen mannequins stride through the space, snaking around columns in an ombred blue catwalk sequence. Sensationally showcasing one of the three new poses for the SERIES collection, these imposing figures with their slick cropped flick wigs, add drama and attitude to the space suggesting how the collection could be used instore. A sanguine crossover leg lingerie pose and a dramatic turned head figure complete the picture, along with a full range of SERIES accessories bodies. 

A colourful area of the showroom was dedicated to children with the first viewing of the brand new Harlequin kids range and a small collection of fibreglass teen girls. The animation aspect of the harlequin range was used to full effect set in an impactful scene with figures jovially squeezed up ladders and drifting away in clouds of balloons – clients are shown what can be achieved wit and imagination! A variety of finishes were displayed; some mannequins shown with painterly illustrated makeup and beautifully hand painted shoes, others with classic Proportion style vintage stain and others sporting a more industrial raw papier-mâché finish.

Undoubtedly it’s been a busy year for proportion>london with a bumper crop of new developments and collections, but as always they are thinking ahead and already formulating new adventures in VM….

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