Perfect EPoS solution for Slaters

Clothing business Slaters decided it needed a new retail solution for their stores to bring the technology up to date and provide confidence that their EPoS solution was future proof.

After evaluating a number of products, Slaters decided that an EPoS solution was from Retail-J from Sanderson was the perfect fit. As well as finding the right software, it was particularly important for Slaters to find the right supplier to partner them in a longstanding relationship. “Retail-J gave us the assurance of a leading EPoS solution and it was matched by the strong skillset and experience Sanderson has in the fashion retail sector,” says Rose.

Once the decision was made, Slaters wanted the new system up and running as soon as possible; Sanderson proactively managed the implementation and Retail-J went live across 90 EPoS in all 25 stores within just six months. Sanderson also supplied and installed new IBM hardware for each point of sale.

Implementation by Sanderson was not only swift but also very smooth. Standard Retail-J functionality fitted all store processes, with some additional enhancements from Sanderson enabling Slaters to capture deposit information for each ‘hirewear’ sale.

Immediately, the benefits were apparent in the stores. The new technology enables a far smoother transaction for the customer.

“Retail-J enables us to use technology to meet market demands in a way that would never have been possible with our old system, certainly not without expensive and time-consuming development work.”

With hirewear orders, for example, Slaters is able to create a specific customer order at the EPoS, whereas previously this was a manual, paper-based process. Now, with Retail-J, Slaters manages the entire process simply and easily. Orders are created and accompanied by the required deposit. Order analysis and reporting gives an accurate and up-to-date view of special orders at every store.

The system’s promotions functionality is intuitive and easy to use. It has transformed promotions management for Slaters, since any format can be set up quickly and simply. Slaters can use this to match a local competitor’s offer, for example. Alternatively, managers can use the data provided by reports to identify poorly performing lines and set up a short-term promotion to boost sales – a promotion can be set up on the system in a matter of minutes. What’s more, multiple promotions can run simultaneously for different stores or products.

Behind the point of sale improvements, other benefits have been seen with stock management. Real-time data enables Slaters to see which products sell best in which locations; automated store replenishment means top sellers need never go out of stock. “The comprehensive reporting from Retail-J enables us to react very quickly to sales trends within the stores,” confirms Rose. “We can see at a glance how each store is performing, right down to each product line.”

Point of sale data is fed continuously to the Retail-J server via a wide area network (WAN) providing real-time updates of central systems. An interface then provides batch updates of the EPoS data into Slaters’ head office system.

The implementation of Retail-J has meant that the company’s unrivalled customer service is now matched by sophisticated point of sale technology. The system is providing Slaters with real-time, accurate data which allows immediate management decisions to be made on business issues as soon as they arise.

For Slaters, the relationship with Sanderson is excellent and the business knows it has a partner on which it can rely. Sanderson provides a first-level help desk service, backed up by second and third level support, should it be required. In addition, regular contact with Sanderson ensures a proactive approach to meet new business challenges. The system is crucial to Slaters’ ongoing success and profitability, and has proved a perfect fit for the retailer: “We are very happy with the service Sanderson provides and we are confident that both the system and Sanderson will continue to support us for many years to come,” concludes Rose.


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