Paper paper everywhere!

The Crafts Council has commissioned paper artist Andy Singleton to create a series of paper scenes to celebrate the opening of the Liberty Stationery Room. The commissions were unveiled at Liberty on 10 March and include a three-metre long window installation and two framed wall pieces within the Stationery Room.

Liberty wanted a hand-crafted paper installation for the newly launched Stationery Room that would show the creative and expressive properties of paper. Andy Singleton was selected for his proposal to create a whimsical and romantic set of three woodland scenes called ‘They loved What They Found’.

The three pieces are based around the idea of nesting birds. Each piece centres on a tree, with numerous birds flying around collecting beautiful pieces of Liberty stationery plus paper twigs, leaves, and fragments of romantic poetry with which to build their nests. All three pieces are intricately layered and made using cut and folded paper with blue, green and purple birds on a backdrop of brown and green woodland collecting black, white and bronze stationery items.

‘We are delighted that Andy has been selected to make these three pieces for Liberty. His striking work will provide an inspiring welcome to the new Stationery Room,’ says Rosy Greenlees, executive director of the Crafts Council.

Andy Singleton is a paper artist and illustrator based in Wakefield, England. He studied Animation with Illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in 2006. His work is an exploration of the natural and manmade world through intricate paper cuttings and hand drawn illustrations.


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