Out of the Dark – take 10 seconds to show your support by Thursday!

Out of the Dark –  take 10 seconds to show your support by Thursday!


May Design Series and Out of the Dark will be working together to raise awareness for the Out of the Dark charity. Out of the Dark is a social enterprise that recycles, revamps and restores salvaged furniture to help train, educate and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Out of the Dark will have a feature at the May Design Series. To read more about it, please click here http://www.maydesignseries.com/whats-on/out-of-the-dark/


May Design Series are generating support for them on social media using Thunderclap.


To get involved please follow this link https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/2144-craftthefuture-at-maydesign and click the ‘support with Twitter’ or ‘support with Facebook’ button or both –  100 supporters needed by Thursday!

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