O2 Partners with Cogenta to Change the Face of Mobile Commerce

Cogenta brings mobile shopping content to O2 Wallet, which comprises of millions of products from hundreds of top UK high street and online retailers. Cogenta also powers comprehensive search and price comparison functionalities within the latest O2 app. To further engage O2 Wallet users and add value to consumers and businesses alike, Cogenta developed “MyOffers” platform. “MyOffers” is a mobile marketing and advertising platform that equips businesses with thorough consumer behaviour insight enabling brands to serve highly targeted offers and communications. In return, O2 Wallet customers are simply served offers that match their interests and are related to their recent shopping activity.

O2 Wallet is a seamless and secure digital wallet service that will deliver the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. It is the new way to send and receive money, compare prices and shop via mobile; and customers can use it whether they are with O2 or not.

In addition to other services, and unlike competitor products on the market, O2 Wallet includes a comprehensive barcode and search engine function and an extensive product catalogue and a unique offers platform, based on behavioural targeting – “MyOffers”– provided by Cogenta the retail intelligence business,

The Cogenta’s mobile shopping content platform has enabled customers of O2 Wallet to compare the prices and check stock availability of millions of products from trusted high street and online retailers so helping them find the best deal possible. Categories include books, CDs and DVDs, electrical items, gaming and toys among many others. The full-circle shopping experience will help both shoppers on the go and traditional “bricks and mortar” ensure they get the best deal. For example, by using the integrated barcode scanner, traditional shoppers can compare product prices at retail outlets before making their purchase.

To further support savvy mobile shoppers, Cogenta developed the “MyOffers” platform, which is also available within O2 Wallet. “MyOffers” is a unique mobile marketing platform for brands and retailers, which allows businesses to provide tailored and relevant offers based on browsing and shopping behaviour. In “MyOffers” trials, Cogenta recorded extremely high open and click-through rates of 25%. “We believe “MyOffers” is the most effective mobile marketing and advertising platform to date. It is proven to deliver value to retailers, brands and consumers alike”, said Cogenta’s CEO Adrian Hobbs.

While the smartphone and applications market grows, so do new routes to shopping. When asked about the future of mobile commerce, Colin Glass, the Chairman of Cogenta Systems Ltd. said: “Having been in retail for 40 years and seen the birth of e-commerce, I strongly believe that m-commerce is even more relevant to today’s consumers. I have no doubt that O2 and Cogenta are taking significant steps in changing the world of mobile shopping”.


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