North-East firm cuts prices for flood victims

A NORTH-EAST company has thrown a lifeline to businesses devastated by flooding.

Darlington-based MicroSlat International is offering a 20 per cent discount on its water-resistant aluminium slatwall to help firms battling back from the floods.

Insurers estimate that the total cost of the recent floods in Cumbria and North Yorkshire could be as much as £8bn.

Terry Dady, MicroSlat’s managing director, said: “We are a British-based company and just felt we had to do something after watching the television pictures of businesses that have been ruined by the floods.”

Mr Dady hopes slashing the cost of MicroSlat products will help flood-hit businesses get back on their feet.

“It’s the best way we can show that we want to help,” he added.

“Retailers in flood-affected areas need a way of overcoming the expense of refitting their businesses every time a flood occurs. Not only is it expensive, but it extends the time needed before they can re-open. Traditional fixtures and fittings have to be thrown away once they get wet, but galvanised metal supports and aluminium slatwall like MicroSlat can be cleaned and reinstalled.”

The Government has set aside money to help home-owners and businesses recover from the floods.

Small and medium-sized firms, with a maximum of 250 full-time employees, that have been severely affected by the flooding can claim up to £10,000 in grant aid.

And last month the Government extended a flood resilience grant scheme to businesses meaning firms can claim up to £5,000 for measures to protect properties against future flooding.

“We know that our shop fittings are flood resilient because they are all-aluminium,” said Mr Dady. “They don’t absorb water like fixtures which are manufactured from wood or MDF. If aluminium MicroSlat gets wet, you just need to clean it with a damp cloth and they are as good as new.

“No one wants to see flooding happen again. But, if it does, our products can help businesses get back on their feet as quickly as possible.”

MicroSlat is a global leader in aluminium slatwall, fixtures and display fittings. Its products are used by major retailers and prestige brands throughout the world.


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