New lighting installation at Selfridges

Electro Signs has produced this stunning lighting installation for the new Shoe Galleries at Selfridges. This particular piece was the brain child of Allanah Weston, creative director of Selfridges,  and her team.

The idea came from the Sistine Chapel in Venice but with a hint of fun; painting with cold cathode was the request. It comprises 400 various shaped and patterned tubes in the form of cherubs, banging nails with hammers, holding sticking plasters for sore feet, pouring water in a bowl to soak your feet and tying shoe laces. The strap line was ‘What’s your shoe story’ and the company has only four weeks from design to unveiling.

The overall size is 9.5m x 4m, and the piece is suspended from the ceiling. To make the oval ring in keeping with the overall scheme, laser cut acrylic letters were applied to the piece with words ‘click clack stomp snap …..’

The cold cathode tubing was made in compound three dimensional shapes and fitted onto an oval fabricated tubular system. The high tension cables were braded in specially woven dove grey weave to reflect the different coloured tubes; each cherub had six wings that were wired onto a three channel animator to give the effect of flight. The cold cathode tubing was mounted onto laser cut acrylic shapes that made assembly easier.

The overall effect was quite beautiful, as the clients entered up the escalator. The overhead view is filled with light giving a surreal heavenly feeling.

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