New communication tool receives rapturous reception at BCSC


The first, ever purpose-built mobile business-to-business ‘app’ enabling shopping centre management teams and retailers to communicate in real time received an incredible reception from shopping centre management companies at BCSC this week.


Called Mallcomm, and launched by specialist destination marketing company Toolbox Marketing, it is the only interactive communication tool available for shopping centres and retailers.


Management companies immediately recognised the app’s power in driving marketing success as well as supporting retailers through real-time reminders to boost sales.


David Fuller, Head of Digital Marketing at Toolbox said: “Management companies spend a lot of money on retailer relations.  All the companies we spoke to recognised that this app will achieve a much better result for less long-term cost.   Simply put, it’s cheaper and better than anything else.”


Mallcomm is free-to-download and, like consumer social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, is updated in real time.   It will be available to participating shopping centre management and retailers.


Toolbox Marketing’s financial investment in ‘Mallcomm’ represents a significant commitment for the company but for Toolbox’s UK Managing Director, Michelle Daniels, the new communication tool is long overdue.


“Improving communication is a priority for shopping centres – but so much money is wasted trying,” she says. “Printed newsletters are one-way communication and out of date before they’re printed, e-newsletters aren’t much better, shopping centre intranets are often available only in bigger centres – and not all retailers have internet access in their stores or want their staff looking at a computer terminal when they should be selling.”


What was needed was something visual, interactive and accessible to all retail staff, not just the managers. Using Mallcomm, information can be uploaded and viewed by retailers, from head office staff to local store personnel. Each retailer within the centre receives a secure login and password, and information on day-to-day operations of the centre can be uploaded: from security and facilities information to marketing and promotional opportunities.  Retail staff can contact the management team via the app, making it the only interactive communication tool available for shopping centres and retailers.


To compete with on-line retailing, shopping centres have developed their strategies to become leisure destinations and local community hubs.   However all shopping centres need a quick and effective communication system to deal with fast-moving situations.


Michelle adds: “The app seemed obvious to us but we needed the industry to recognise the power that the app will give both retailers and management teams.  They did – we’ve never seen such a positive reaction and  I am convinced it won’t be long before Mallcomm is adopted by management companies across Europe.”


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