NEC Strengthens Retail and Service Solutions with its New “TWINPOS G Series”


London, June 28, 2011 – NEC Europe announced today the global launch of its new “TWINPOS G Series,” an addition to the company’s “TWINPOS Series” of Point of Sale (POS) terminal products that is expected to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers through its exceptional serviceability, reliability and contribution to power conservation. 

As the first of this new series, sales activities for the “TWINPOS G5” touch screen POS terminal, and the “TWINPOS G7” compact POS console, begin today throughout global markets worldwide including China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Central and North America and Europe.

Shipment of the “TWINPOS G7” and the “TWINPOS G5” are scheduled to begin in July 2011 and October 2011 respectively.

NEC has an accomplished history of providing retail and service solutions throughout markets worldwide. The “TWINPOS G Series” was developed based on know-how acquired through years of successful deployment for leading global retail and service companies.

“We are now leveraging this experience to provide the “G Series,” as an easier to deploy product that helps reduce TCO for retail and service industry customers across the globe as they expand the number of locations, scale and regional coverage of their businesses,” said Kazunobu Waki, General Manager, NEC Corporation.

The “G Series” lineup of products is designed to meet an ever expanding range of market needs. Looking forward, NEC aims to continue developing new solutions that satisfy these diversified demands for customers all over the world.

Key benefits of the “TWINPOS G Series” are as follows:

1) Reduction of maintenance costs through its superior serviceability, high quality and high reliability

  • Parts may be replaced without the need for tools or specialized maintenance staff, resulting in an approximate 70% reduction in the time required for onsite part replacement (*1)
  • Strict quality control and component screening results in high quality and reliability


2) Remote maintenance capability

  • Management facilitated through the provision of remote maintenance for customer store terminals spread across multiple stores in a wide area
  • Software driver related maintenance available for remote areas
  • Malfunctions detected through remote operation and diagnosis then resolved through the efficient dispatch of maintenance staff if needed


3) Customer business expansion supported through long-term product supply security

  • Same specification product supply assured for five years after product release. Customers are free from burdens related to hardware specification changes
  • Continuous customer expansion supported through the supply of service parts for up to eight years


4) Environmentally conscientious products featuring both low power consumption and high performance.

  • Thanks to the adoption of the latest Intel CPU and environmentally conscientious designs, the performance per wattage of POS terminals improved by approximately three times


Each of the four “TWINPOS G Series” benefits outlined above contributes to the optimization and reduction of TCO for customers.


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