Momentum install new counters for Martin McColl.


Martin McColl wished to undertake a counter update during 2011. It looked to Momentum Instore to support the project from beginning to end.

The Project

Momentum Instore was first tasked with completing a survey of the existing counter layout and design within 1,270 of its sites around the UK. The research investigated variables such as number of shelves, length of unit, number of sections, customer flow and location of the counter.

Using the information gathered by the survey Momentum Instore conducted trials of varying counter sizes and layouts in 10 Martin McColl stores.

Momentum Instore was then briefed to carry out the counter layout and equipment update for Martin McColl in its full estate of 1,137 stores across the UK, including the Isle of Wight.

There were 22 teams involved, with each team comprising of a team leader and an assistant. Momentum Instore provided two days of intensive training to its installers to introduce them to the procedures and requirements for the project. Electrical training was carried out to ensure the installers were fully trained on the wiring tasks involved.

The roll out schedule was staggered so areas / depots were going live as other were being updated. The installation teams visited an average of 112 stores per week to complete the project over a 12-week period.

250 sites were considered bespoke installations because they were subject to either slight restrictions or they required some alterations, which meant they could not be implemented exactly to the standard planogram.

Each store varied in size and had a different number of units installed. In addition to there being 23 variations in the counter configuration there were 11 different sized counters ranging from 1.5 meters to 6.5 meters.

As part of the installation 12 different items of till and lottery equipment needed to be disconnected and reconnected. A total of 1,730 confectionery units were installed.

Throughout the project an accurate reporting process was facilitated by Momentum Instore’s bespoke client extranet. User-friendly reports were posted on the extranet, which allowed definitive monitoring of the project’s progress.

The Results

Momentum Instore received excellent feedback from Martin McColl regarding the project, which was a huge success.

The agency visited 100% of stores within the allocated timescale. If all the counters installed were lined up next to one another they would measure a staggering 3561m, a greater distance than walking up the three peaks of Snowden, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike combined.

“I have not had a single report from a store where they have been unhappy with the installers, and when you are covering 1140 of our stores that is a very high accolade. Both myself and my colleagues have been very impressed by the standards these guys have consistently worked too on this varied project. I have received feedback from our area managers, who have also been very positive about the way the installs have gone, and the quality of work  – again on a roll out of this size this is quite unusual, so thank you all for this.”

Stuart Waters, Project Manager at Martin McColl

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