Mirror, mirror on the wall, Shelter Store has the widest range of all..

Shelterstore.co.uk, the specialist online retailer of street furniture and industrial accessories, has launched a range of mirrors for a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses.

These include interior mirrors for detection or panoramic observation in retail and hotel environments; and a selection of traffic mirrors to assist road safety and help eliminate blind spots at corners, concealed entrances and exits, car parks and junctions. The company also offers a range of surveillance mirrors that are economical and simple to install. They are recommended for shop security as a deterrent to retail theft and to monitor tills but can be equally effective in monitoring hospital corridors, reception areas and door access.

Shelter Store’s portfolio of industrial mirrors includes robust, framed mirrors, some with reinforced frames and some with warning messages imprinted on them. The collection also includes anti-frost and anti-condensation mirrors which provide clear images as low as -20°C. These mirrors stop condensation regardless of temperature changes or humidity in the air which can be crucial for public highway installation.

The company also offers a forklift truck mirror, which is both unbreakable and scratch resistant offering a high quality image. This mirror can be used in either the front or rear of the forklift cab, reducing blind spots. As most forklift manoeuvres are done in reverse, mirrors fitted at the rear of the cab allow ease of movement and easy avoidance of any obstacles. These mirrors have rounded edges to protect the drivers head on entering and exiting the cab

For those needing to get into trenches or confined spaces, Shelter Store’s specialist portable inspection mirror may fit the bill. Strong and lightweight, these mirrors are all equipped with quality optics and telescopic posts. Used for effective inspection day and night, some mirrors are supplied with energy efficient LED lighting.

For further information, visit www.shelterstore.co.uk



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