Maximising responsive marketing – PinVision launch helps brands to uncover local trends


Brands can now provide targeted and localised marketing content with the launch of the responsive marketing application, PinVision from Immedia Group plc. Customer facing interactive tablets will allow brands to collect information from customers, create a valuable depository and provide automated marketing content that reflects localised needs that are trending.


PinVision enables brands to gain a deeper understanding of its customer’s needs locally, develop relationships and start engaging in conversations, enhancing brand loyalty and creating advocacy.


Strategically placed, interactive tablets will enable retail, banking and hospitality brands to collect valuable data in the customer’s space, inviting them to provide useful information such as their age, gender, needs and their preferences. The captured data is then organised by PinVision and used to provide automated responses through audio or visual media to meet the marketing objectives of each specific location.


Bruno Brookes, CEO at Immedia Group plc, explains, “Our research shows that marketing teams in retail and banking are looking for efficient ways to maximise their product and services messages at a regional and individual store level. In consideration of the UK’s social demographic landscape and the characteristic differences of the UK population, trending key lifestyle information and specific personal requirements helps brands to ‘map’ automated marketing at a pinpoint level.”


Brookes continues, “PinVision from Immedia Group plc provides a clever data capture tool that trends pinpoint information which commands the system to deliver timely digital marketing at the very spot where the trend has formed”


PinVision is to be launched in May, aimed at the retail, hospitality and banking sectors.

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