Mary Portas: Secret Shopper

Mary Portas hit our screens last night in the first part of her new series, Mary Portas: Secret Shopper.

‘I believe that the so-called service industry has become a faceless-I-couldn’t-give-a-monkey’s business, and in my new Channel 4 series I work with well known brands and high street chains to give shoppers the service they deserve,’ explains Portas.

Portas helped the owner of Pilot to revamp his Braintree Freeport store and improve the customer service offered by the ladies working in the store. The revamp included brand new changing rooms, each one themed as a famous female figure, ranging from Cheryl and Gaga to Madonna and Marilyn. Portas also came up with a great concept for customers to tweet a picture of their outfits to their friends. If customers like an outfit, they simply hang it on the hook outside their individual changing room, and staff bag it up while they are changing.

Portas outlined her simple golden rule: smile, hello and service. She even took this concept onto the streets with an army of customers wearing t-shirts saying ‘Smile, speak, serve’ and helped customers in store to find what they want, to prove a point to the retailers that great customer service goes a long way.

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We look forward to next week’s show!

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