Martek Food Systems Creates Profitable Bulk Dispensing Opportunity for Retailers

Already popular in the US and Europe, the innovative new merchandising system allows retailers to stock goods in bulk without any packaging, improving shelf density, boosting margins and dramatically reducing packaging waste. Plus, the system provides automatic ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation, reducing in-store handling, promoting product freshness and maintaining an attractive shelf appearance.

Self-dispensing also provides benefits for consumers, allowing for greater portion control and reduced food waste, whilst also encouraging experimentation with new ingredients.

Hygienic, attractive and user-friendly, bulk merchandising systems are suitable for a wide variety of foods, from rice, pasta and cereals to coffee, spices, nuts and confectionery.

Martek Food Systems offers a range of dispensing bins as part of complete merchandising solutions that include accompanying fixtures, all created to complement retailers’ in-store branding.

Bespoke modular systems are designed, manufactured and installed for individual retail outlets to ensure optimum space utilization. Each system can incorporate gravity bins for free-flowing product such as grains and cereals; scoop bins for larger products such as dry pet food; and inversion bins for products that are traditionally dispensed using an open container or scoop, such as spices.

All bins are made of clear polycarbonate, which has an impact strength 35 times greater than acrylic and provides UV protection against store lighting. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, the bins also feature tight closing lids to maintain product freshness and have glare and adhesive-free product label holders.

Martek Food Systems is the new division of interior solutions specialist Martek, which has been producing high quality bespoke fixtures, fittings and interiors for 30 years to a range of market sectors, including cinema, catering, leisure and retail.

Mike Elliott at Martek Food Systems, says: “The concept of bulk dispensing is already incredibly popular in the US, Canada, Australia and several European countries, where retailers and consumers are enjoying the benefits of this innovative new approach to merchandising.

“Research has shown that bulk dispensed products outsell conventional packaged goods by 2 to 1, profit margins are typically 35-40% higher and according to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), retailers can save as much as £136,000 per one million units of pre-packed products as a result of savings in packaging materials and distribution. Self-dispensing is also recommended by WRAP as one way of achieving the packaging, waste and carbon reduction targets set out in the grocery retail sector’s Courtauld Commitment.

“Martek Food Systems is bringing self dispensing to the UK at a time when many consumers are looking at ways of reducing their rising food bills and the volume of food they waste. Plus, there is a drive to tackle obesity levels through dietary changes and portion sizes, there is an acceptance that reducing packaging is the next step on from recycling – “precycling” – and as a nation, we have now embraced the concept of the self-service retail checkout.

“Self-dispensing is in line with these wider consumer trends and provides retailers with a fresh approach to merchandising that will deliver higher profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impacts.”

Mike adds: “Martek has worked in the retail and cinema retail sectors for nearly three decades, and our new Food Systems division draws on this experience and expertise to help retailers solve the familiar challenges of space utilisation, stock rotation, ease of use and merchandising appeal. Our approach is focused on providing a complete bulk merchandising solution that incorporates dispensing bins and fixtures, and Martek Food Systems can deliver this for individual store displays right through to installations in national superstores.”

For more information on the full range of bulk merchandising solutions available from Martek Food Systems, please contact Kirsty Carnell on 01689 808 600 or visit


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