Market research reveals underfloor heating misconceptions

Recent market research commissioned by Warmafloor has revealed that the perceived slow response time of underfoor heating is the biggest barrier to decision-makers specifying this heating method, with this view being particularly prevalent amongst M&E consultants and contractors. The most valued benefits identified by the research respondents were the enhanced design freedom, energy efficiency and cost savings that surface heating and cooling systems provide.


Mike Lamb, Managing Director of Warmafloor, who commissioned International Business Research Ltd to undertake the market research, said:


“It is clear that as an industry we need to do more to address what is such a popular yet misguided and outdated opinion of underfloor heating solutions. Close and accurate controls are the answer to this. At Warmafloor we have long believed that quick and comprehensive controls are the new driver in the energy discussions. Our advanced control strategy is intuitive and uses Proportional-Integral-Derivative logic (PID) to optimise energy distribution and ensure a consistent temperature. It ensures a rapid response time and is accurate to within 0.5C as opposed to the 4C band of thermostats to ensure lowest running costs.”


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