Lingo – Eliminating compromise between design, function and form

The retail, hospitality & leisure, gallery & museum sectors can now benefit from a high-end state of the art LED track mounted spotlight that incorporates great efficiency savings, the ability to create dynamic surroundings, an exceptional product design that would look at home in a variety of environments,  all result in a lighting solution that ‘makes perfect sense’.

There are a range of LED track luminaires on the market today but relatively few have had enough investment to go through a comprehensive design process resulting in a product that is not only highly efficient in its function but is also beautifully designed and constructed to create a visually appealing lighting solution.


Gamma Illumination is passionate about designing and manufacturing cutting-edge low energy lighting solutions.  To achieve this Gamma constantly communicates with its partners to assess the requirements of the market.  Combine this with Gamma’s innovative design and development capabilities and you have the perfect mix of ingredients for an exceptionally well designed product that features the latest leading-edge technology.


The lingo development process started with client feedback suggesting that the market needed a high performance, low energy luminaire that had as much focus and investment on its aesthetics as it did on the technology within it.  In addition, the luminaire had to be adaptable to its changing environment, flexible enough to create a desired ambience, offer a powerful lumen output as well as excellent colour rendering properties.


And so Gamma committed its resources to create a concept, develop a prototype and undergo comprehensive testing, in its in-house test lab.  It was through this investment and design process that lingo was born.


Andrew Nixon, Design and Development Director at Gamma, commented:  “Lingo has been created from a blank sheet of paper with the primary objective of key benefit extraction from the Philips and Xicato LED modules.  Inspired by jet engines and Formula 1 racing cars, we have engineered a high performance LED luminaire that sets Gamma apart from the competition and offers a real alternative to HID.”


Craig Marney, Managing Director at Gamma, added:  “We have invested a great deal of time and money in developing lingo and initial signs have shown that there is a high demand for the product and so we have made sure that our operations and manufacturing departments are able to respond to this interest quickly.”


The lingo LED track luminaire has been developed to eliminate compromise between design, function and form.  With an efficacy of up to 68lm/W, high lumen output options up to 3000lm and colour rendering options up to Ra 95, make lingo a flexible and adaptable track luminaire that, when coupled with the choice of a single or 3 circuit track adaptor, has the ability to incorporate general ambient lighting as well as specific options for bespoke displays and accent lighting.


The lingo range incorporates the Philips SLM and Xicato XSM LED modules.  Both brands have recently conducted research to see how LED lighting affects the behaviour of retail customers, the Philips’ research revealed that average sales per customer increased in a retail environment when the correct LED lighting was used.


As with all LEDs there is no downward heat and minimal UV and IR emissions which makes lingo ideal for museum and gallery as well as retail environments displaying food, cosmetics and other products that would ordinarily be compromised using other light sources.


Lingo has been designed to facilitate future product extensions as well as complementing Gamma’s existing TTX and Great White ranges of LED downlights.  This consistent approach helps retailers to create the desired ambience whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs over the 50,000 hours lifetime (L70), meaning that the initial outlay is recouped relatively quickly.


If you would like to request a brochure or see a sample of lingo then visit or call Gamma on 01924 482777.


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