Levi’s Flagship store, Regent St London – Part exhibition space, part denim emporium


The Levis Flagship store in Regent Street London has been combining sustainable, hardwearing design with innovation since its re-launch in 2010, through treating the ‘origin space’ at the storefront as a gallery and curating monthly tech-led installations.

The CDS Group manufactured and fitted the original store, designed by Checkland Kindleysides to bring the authenticity of the denim factory to life for customers through the use of factory inspired architecture and industrial style fixtures, winning the Portview Fit-out Fashion Retail Interior of the Year Award.

The addition of monthly temporary installations allowed Levi’s to tell the story of the brand in an innovative and engaging way. Levi’s then enlisted CDS’s sister company, Lucky Fox, to design, manufacture and fit several of these installations including:

September 2013 (current): Levi’s® Frontier campaign

‘Equipped for the Modern Frontier’ features a mix of bespoke large format light boxes, illuminated product plinths and LED screen ‘kiosk’ units. The installation shows the new global black and white imagery from Levi’s current ad campaign and the ‘The Future is Leaving, #makeourmark’ tagline.

July 2013: Levi’s® Made & Crafted Moment to Moment

The ‘Moment to Moment’ campaign references the craftsmanship and methods that go into producing Levi’s products and centred on a collaboration with San Francisco magazine, The Thing Quarterly. The Regent St installation featured LED screens displaying commissioned online videos, text pieces, paintings, animated gifs, photographs and essays from the collaboration, which brought the concept to life for customers.

February 2013: Levi’s® Made & Crafted shop in shop

Although not a tech installation, the ‘shop in shop’ was the first of its kind outside of Levi’s own showrooms, and featured a mix of whitewashed and ombre sprayed plywood, beautiful limed oak, and antiqued brass effect metalwork, highlighting the premium product range.

January 2013: Levi’s® 501 Jeans Timeline

As a pre-launch to their Global Levi’s® 501 Jeans campaign the store featured, a huge reclaimed railway sleeper, and a timeline of Levi’s® Vintage Clothing 501® Jeans from 1890 through to 1983. Lucky Fox and CDS created bespoke leg forms that captured how the iconic jean has evolved and changed throughout history, while still retaining its originality and innovation. Brushed steel plaques told the story of the changes and product features, while a neon strip fitted into the sleeper made the installation stand out during the night while the stores were closed.


For launch: Made & Crafted, Craft workers

The first installation featured around 15 different craft workers from the UK, from Lady Gaga’s mask maker to poets and guitar makers. The portrait of each craft worker featured on canvases alongside an example of their work and headphones to allow customers to hear their stories first hand. The interactive nature of the display allowed customers to truly engage with the stories of people who represented the Levi’s brand most effectively.

Lucky Fox Head of Creative Design, Jason Traves, said: “There are endless tech opportunities available for shop fitting now, and a creative idea can mean a memorable and unique connection between customers and brands. However, stores using hard-fixed technology often find that the tech can tire after a relatively short period of time.

“As Levi’s changes the tech displays each month, we’ve had the freedom to innovate and experiment with different ways to communicate with customers which has resulted in what we believe to be some of our best work.”

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