John Lewis at home Ipswich customers vote to support local charities


John Lewis at home Ipswich has announced the first three charities to receive support through its new Community Matters scheme.


Community Matters allows John Lewis customers to be directly involved in deciding how much each good cause receives, via a token voting system located in both the foyer and at the first floor till banks. At the end of each round of voting, John Lewis splits a £3,000 donation according to the proportion of the customer vote they received.


The organisations to receive support from John Lewis at home Ipswich when it opened in November were Lighthouse Women’s Aid, St Elizabeth Hospice and Optua. Community Matters allows charities to receive financial support, volunteering time from John Lewis Partners (staff), or products from its shops.


St Elizabeth Hospice gained the majority of the vote with over 50%, and received a donation from John Lewis of £1,673. The charity plans to use the money to support the development of a new project by buying equipment.


Lighthouse Women’s Aid received a donation of £612 after gaining approximately 25% of the vote. John Lewis’s support will help to buy bedding, duvets and other homely items needed for the women they support.


With the remaining 25% of the vote, Optua will use John Lewis’s donation of £715 to support their new work placement scheme for young people with learning disabilities.


Anna Moir, branch manager of John Lewis at home Ipswich, said:  “Our customers are now familiar with Community Matters and the feedback has been great – people stop and take time to choose the charity they’d like to see John Lewis support. It is exciting for us to see how the vote has been split and for us to now make the donations to these very worthwhile community groups.”


Organisations who would like to be considered as part of Community Matters should visit John Lewis at home Ipswich to pick up a nomination form from the Community Matters collection box in the foyer.

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